Proyectos nacidos en el laboratorio

Desce que empezamos SweetLabs allá por 2016, hemos estado trabajando en tres "side projects". Todavía no hemos dado en el clavo, pero estamos orgullosos de nuestros proyectos, tanto los que están "in progress" como los que ya están muertos.


With Context, automate your annotations workflow and add relevant context to your data. We are working to fix the tedious and tiresome process of logging everything that affects the KPIs we’re responsible for.


Sucumbo was an attempt to sell gourmet food online, in a very specific niche: salted dried food. We collaborated with top chefs in Barcelona to create an experience around Spanish top products.


Our first shot back in 2016, Sweetsurance pretended to be the first digital place 100% focused on insurance brokers in Spain, where users could find the broker that better suited their needs.